For the Traveling Lass: Cool DIY Travel-Themed Wedding Décor

Traveling is one of the greatest past-times you could possibly invest in. If you’re a traveling fanatic and you’re in love with the world around you, then a traveling theme wedding may be in your wedding plans! Well, here are some pretty fantastic travel-themed DIY decorations that you should definitely put on your list! These are just a couple of my absolute favorite ideas!

Centerpieces: Centerpieces are, well, the center of attention when it comes to your reception decoration. Everyone drinks in the beautiful flowers, artful seating charts, and pretty china plates and ornately wrapped silverware. It’s just what they (and we!) do. So, to give them something gorgeous and fabulous to look at while devouring your delicious dinner, here are some ideas:

Centerpieces by Lan Phantastic

  • Cities for Numbers: If you have a seating chart and designated seats, than instead of numbers, try cities or countries! For example, I’m a huge fan of Scotland (and one day hope to visit!) so make one table “Scotland”. Have the top of the card say the country, and then have an image that represents that place (for example, a bagpipe, rolling hills, or something of the sort.) Then, behind it as a type of stand, place an old book written by a Scottish author. Place a small vase of flowers on top of the book, and voila, your centerpiece is a masterpiece! Remember, each table has its own country and theme, so have fun and really go consignment shopping for great finds.

Map and City Seating Plan by David Higgs

  • Compass Place: **Ok, now this is pretty neat. You can find great stopwatches at a lot of antique stores, eBay, and Amazon even. Have a compass at each seat where you want each guest to sit. Pretty cool idea if you ask me. **Other Decorations: Besides centerpieces and place settings, you have your bouquets, your guest books, and your favors. Here are some pretty fabulous ideas: * Suitcase “Bouquets”: I absolutely love this idea. Instead of having your ladies carry a bouquet, you could have them carry a small carry-on size bag. Make it even more unique by finding old, antique/vintage styled carry-on’s. Personally, I’m obsessed with the idea! * Map Your World: Your family is world, as are your friends. I absolutely love the idea of having people sign an antique styled globe. Have them sign a country that they want to visit or that they were born in. Super cool and a great way to get to know your guests even more! You can find some pretty cool globes on Amazon, consignment stores, antique shops, and so on.

Antique Globe by James Saunders

Paper Flower Bouquets by Vanessa Hayes

These are just 5 of my favorites, and of course there are more! Some of these are DIY and some of these are just antique shopping, garage hopping, fun day with the gals ideas. So, if you have any other fantastic travel-themed decorations, leave a comment and let me know some of your favorites!

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