Trendy 2015 Wedding Dresses

We’ve seen it all in 2014, such as your Cinderella ball gowns and sultry beach
dresses, but now that 2015 is taking center stage and 2014 is taking a
graceful bow out as the year ends, we’re seeing a whole new trend in wedding
dresses. For you 2015 Spring brides, take a look at some of these fabulously
trendy dress styles that are taking over!

* **Light and Lovely: **For the year 2015, brides are no longer lathered in layers of taffeta and tulle. In fact, the up and coming year is seeing a drop in fabric. Wedding dresses are embracing the beachy styles of minimal materials and sultry lightness. It’s the perfect style for the warm spring weather.
* **Majestically Minimalistic:** With 2015, pearls and bedazzling jewels are taking a step back as simplistic beauty steals the spotlight. Instead of all your heavy beading, the new styles are opting for sharp lines and no jewels. It’s perfect for that simplistic beauty who’s drawn to subtle exquisiteness.
* **Crop Tops and Big Skirts:** Think beaded crop tops and lots of tulle. It’s daring, sultry, and sexy – it’s the perfect look for you brides who want something original and stylish. This style appeals to the bohemian bride who’s looking for a classy, hippy look.
* **Fabulous Necklines:** It’s the necklines that draw the attention, and with 2015 styles, there’s no exception! For 2015 wedding dresses, stylists are opting for a daring plunge v-neck or high illusion neckline. Off-the-shoulder dresses are also incredibly popular as well. If you want to go all out original, opt for a trendy neckline.

Off-the-shoulder Wedding Dress by Avivi

* **Sexy and Sultry:** Sexy is no exception when it comes to wedding dress styles. For you 2015 Spring brides, a dress with bodice netting OR a slit skirt is the perfect touch. Remember, you want to look classy _and_ sexy, so don’t overdo it by opting for both bodice netting and a slit skirt. The key is to look sexy, not suggestive.
* **Capelettes:** Instead of a sleeved dress, many brides now have the option of capelettes. This offers the appearance of covering without abandoning the sleeveless style. With this Spring 2015 wedding dress style, you can have both your cake and eat it too!
* **Jackets:** Jackets are more for the wintery bride, but jackets are also making a huge statement for 2015 brides. With a jacket to top off the attire, you’ll be looking absolutely dazzling!
* **Colorful:** White and ivory aren’t the only colors for wedding dresses in 2015. In fact, wedding dresses are becoming a whole lot more daring in color – from soft baby blues to blush pinks and even bold reds, wedding dresses are taking a step forward and embracing the colorful era of the New Year!
2015 brides are embracing a whole new look, appeal, and style as they embrace
the sheer bodice nettings or colorful dresses. From minimalistic, sharp lined
styles to bold crop tops and sultry necklines, you’ll be a trend-setting,
stylish, and unforgettable bride! Sultry minimalism is the new bold sexy, so
embrace the 2015 styles with these trend-setting wedding dresses!

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