Using Pinterest to Plan Your Big Day

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Whether friend or foe, the wedding industry has a new tool: Pinterest. The social media site gained popularity in late 2011 and has been nonstop since, rising to the second most-used social media site according to most statistics.

The wedding and events category makes up 4.2% of pins from Pinterest, according to Plus, according to Mashable, about 68% of users are female. So, odds are if you’re a bride, Pinterest can be one of your new best friends.

I asked seven girls—Sammy Woodward, Nicole Oscher, Megan Holtsinger, Valerie Kraucunas, Chelsey Clements, Laura Bischoff and Morgan McLaughlin—using Pinterest to plan their wedding how it was going. Here are some of the answers they reported along with tips for submerging yourself into the new social site.

Using Pinterest

Intimidating at first glance, Pinterest is very user-friendly. Sign up, come up with a username, create categories for your boards, and start pinning!

“It is extremely easy to use! My mom has even gotten into it and she isn’t computer savvy at all,” said Sammy Woodward who is planning a wedding for Oct. 20.

When creating boards, it’s best to make boards for each part of your wedding such as: cake, photography, tips, DIY, flowers, dress, unique wedding gifts, etc. This is best for when you want to show flower ideas to the florist, bridesmaid dress ideas with your sister and cake ideas to the bakery. That said, some people like to use one board to see if everything flows together. A compromise is to initially categorize ideas into separate boards, then compile the favorites from each to come up with a cohesive theme and look.

Another must while pinning is invite bridesmaids, mothers and that creative friend of yours to your wedding board to share ideas with you.

“My maid of honor also started a board and shared it with me to give me ideas she thinks I would like but not necessarily think of myself.  It was very sweet and made my day,” said Laura Bischoff who is getting married in August.

After your boards are created, you can search through the generic “Wedding/Events” category, follow your favorite wedding sites or blogs (like the Plunge Project) to see what they are pinning, or pin from something found on another site. To pin from another site (generally a blog or ecommerce site) either install the “Pin It” button to your browser, or copy and paste the URL where it says “Add+.”

Every bride will come up with her own way to use Pinterest, but before you start, see what some of our brides to be say about the pros and cons.


  • “Finding inexpensive decor options” – Valerie
  • “I can do this on my computer or on my phone, and I don’t have to scan through millions of different wedding blogs for ideas. Also, the tree hugger in me loves not having to buy wedding magazines!”  – Sammy
  • “I love being able to store everything in one place so I can show my pins to my sister in law (who is making my cake), caterer (so they know how to set tables), etc.”  – Laura
  • “If I liked a dress (or something) I could click on it, follow the link, look at other dresses from the designer, then continue searching for how much it costs, where to get it, etc. Or if I saw a picture I like I could follow the link, find out it was from a blog, and then look at more pictures on that blog.” – Nicole
  • “It has more variety. The bridal magazines are pretty narrow in what they show you.” – Nicole
  • “I will say that it has been fun having a shared wedding board with Morgan [bride to be]. I feel involved by pinning stuff on her boards.” – Chelsey


  • “If you follow too much of it, your wedding will look like everyone else’s on Pinterest. When I see something over and over again, I’m less inclined to be like ‘awesome idea!’” – Valerie
  • “There are a lot of tacky people on Pinterest now…so you really have to sift. It didn’t used to be that way.” – Valerie
  • “It is addicting, and I am probably doing way more than I need to. I have gotten myself overwhelmed before. There are so many great ideas I would love to incorporate, so I start trying to do them all, and then realize I have to prioritize what I want because there isn’t enough time, money or even space for them all.” – Sammy
  • “Everyone planning can see your ideas, so if you want it to be a surprise, only ‘like’ it or save it to your computer and not to your Pinterest board for everyone to see. I made this mistake and a friend actually used a potential centerpiece I posted on Pinterest in her wedding…it was a compliment though.” – Megan
  • “I just quickly overwhelmed myself with ideas and couldn’t decide which was best. So after taking 6 months to decide on the dress, I decided that I would start to stop my pinning (wedding related) because I think I’ve seen about all the ideas I can handle without confusing myself more.” – Morgan
  • “While there are SO MANY original and cute DIY ideas, almost every girl seems to be on Pinterest, so no matter how original the idea, most girls will likely say, ‘oh i saw that on Pinterest,’ so the originality is kind of lost.” – Morgan
  • “I think that if Pinterest was only professionals, and all the pictures had proper links it would be better for wedding planning.” – Chelsey
How has Pinterest helped you plan your big day? What are the pros and cons for you?

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