A Vintage Appeal: DIY Vintage Décor

As y’all probably know, one of my favorite wedding themes is vintage. It’s a taste of everything posh, elegant, and gorgeous. So, if you’re having a vintage-themed wedding, here are some of my absolute favorite DIY vintage décor ideas!

Vintage Wedding Decor by Chelsey Arnal

Making a Chalkboard Sign by Barb Hoyer

Chalkboard Signs: Ok, let’s be honest, when you look for super chic chalkboard signs, they’re a little (insanely) expensive. How about a cheaper idea that’s super easy to duplicate? Here’s how: * What You Need: * Serving Platter (you can find great ones at the Dollar General Store, super cheap!) * Painting Tape * Paint Brushes * Chalkboard Paint * Hot glue gun and glue * Ribbon * What You Do: * Start by taping the inside edges of the serving platter. * Start painting the inside of the serving platter with your chalkboard paint. Paint on several coats of paint to ensure a nice, thick layer. * Let it dry for several days. * Now that the inside is painted, remove the edge tape. * Now, tape the inside of the platter * Spray paint the edges with a base coat and a textured top coat of your color choice. * Again, let that paint dry. * Once the paint is dry, hot glue your ribbon to the back of your tray * Cover the chalkboard with chalk, and then wipe it off. Now it’s ready to use!

Doily Table Runner by Jim Grey

Doily Table Runner: Oh my goodness, this is one of my absolute favorite ideas! Everything about this is super cute, chic, and absolutely perfect. Here’s how to accomplish this: * What You Need: * Several Doilies. You can get these from garage sales, consignment stores, flea market, your grandma (what a great gift!) and any craft store. * Tacks * Thread * Needle * What You Do: * Lay out your largest doilies first * Then, go ahead and place your medium and small doilies throughout. Make sure that the little ones aren’t just on top, so arrange it to where every doily is visible. * Then, underneath the layout of your doilies, pin them together to keep them where you want them * Then, go ahead and tie little knots with your thread. Thread the thread through the doilies with a needle to make it easy. * Voila, you’re all done! Wood Ladder Sign: This is quite fantastic, actually. Instead of your regular sign, here’s a little twist to it. It’s super easy, takes hardly any time to assemble, it’s personal, and super chic and vintage. Here’s how: * What You Need: * Wooden Ladder * Picture of you and your honey * Potted Plant * Mason Jar filled with your wedding flowers * Wooden “Ceremony” sign * Wedding sign * i.e.: “…and they lived happily ever after”, “soon to be Mr. and Mrs.” etc… * What You Do: * Set up your latter so it’s in standing position * Set up each item (vase, picture, etc…) on the second, third, and fourth step (or whatever step you want) * Hang the side from the point where the two sides meet. * Stake your ceremony sing in front of the ladder, pointing to where your ceremony will be hosted. Now that you have a few great vintage decoration ideas, happy decorating! Leave a comment for me and let me know if you found any great ideas! The more ideas, the merrier!

Vintage Teacup Decor by Gemma Morgan

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