Vintage Makeup for the Vintage Bride

When it comes to your complete appearance for your wedding, having the perfect
makeup really helps to bring everything together! If you really want to look
the part of a vintage bride, try a few of these makeup tips to help you!
**Makeup To-Do’s:** When it comes to makeup and looking your pristine best,
you want to make sure that everything is done correctly; you want the look to
match in order to make you look your absolute best. To do so, you need to make
sure the little things, like your eyelashes, are just right. For that perfect
vintage makeup look, here are a few tips for you to consider!

Vintage Makeup for the Modern Day Bride by

* ******The Lips:** Here’s where looking vintage comes into play; when you think of the jazzing 20’s and the roaring 30’s, you think bright red lips that are plump and bodacious. To really play up the look, apply a bright or deep red lipstick with a gloss over it. For fair skinned, dark haired maidens, the brighter the red, the more your skin looks pure and beautiful. You want to look dazzling, like that beacon of light cascading towards the love of your life. Red lips contrast perfectly with pale skin! So opt for a cherry red lipstick or plum colored lip with a nice gloss.
* **The Eyes:** This comes in two parts – your eyeliner and mascara, and your eye shadow. This is probably my favorite part of the whole makeup application process! You can really play up your eyes and make them the focal point. First, let’s focus on:
* Mascara and Eyeliner: If you have naturally thick and long eyelashes, apply several layers of mascara for that “fake lash” look. If you have regular eyelashes, opt for long, cat-like eyelashes that really stand out. For your eyeliner, a cat-eye is really attractive. Apply it heavy on your top lid, and then just a smudge, if any, on your bottom lid. This gives you an innocent doe-look, while making you look sexy, romantic, and vintage.
* Eye Shadow: For your eye shadow, definitely go for a softer, more natural smokey eye. [Depending on your eye color](, you can choose a smokey gray eye shadow or a more neutral brown and gold. Either way, a smokey eye will definitely make you look fantastic!
Before I go any further, remember that you want to draw attention to one or
the other – don’t go heavy and dazzling on both your eyes and lips. Choose
which one you want to be your focal point and go with that one. If you want it
to be your lips, choose a brighter, more audacious red and opt for a soft, if
any, eye shadow. If you want it to be your eyes, apply a smokey eye and a
soft, matte red lipstick.

* Foundation and Blush: If you have naturally pale skin, don’t try to cover it up with tanning beds and tanning lotion. In fact, the paler the better for that perfect vintage look! Make your lustrous skin stand out even more with a soft pink or red blush to give you that innocent, sexy, luxurious appeal.
For those of you who are going for that flawless vintage look, remember to
accent one or the other. Play up your eyes or your lips, and really accentuate
your naturally pale skin. Plump red lips, thick black eyeliner or a sexy
smokey eye will have your groom reeling and your guests gaping in envied

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