A Vintage Wedding

Close your eyes, step back in time, and envision lace, calligraphy, pastels
and old leather suitcases. Vintage styled everything is absolutely ravishing!
From fashionable and chic dresses to dainty tea cups and lace doilies, I can’t
help but reminisce about the old times! Having a vintage-styled wedding is a
fantastic way to gather up the past and weave it together with a bright and
beautiful future! With a few styling tips and tricks, you can pull off a
gorgeous vintage wedding that incorporates the beauty of the old with the
splendor of a new chapter! **Colors**: When you’re going for a vintage look,
you’ll want to keep it soft and subtle – nothing harsh and overdramatic.
Remember, this is reminiscent of days gone _past_, so you want to give it that
ethereal, whispery feel. Try pastel colors, such as minty-greens, baby pinks,
soft yellows, and various shades of cream. Incorporate the colors in all your
decorations, your bridal party attire, and everything else. **Decorations:**
This is my favorite part! There are many cool ways to incorporate vintage-
styled decoration pieces in your wedding without having to pay a hefty price
tag. Here are just a few simple ideas for you to consider when looking for

Vintage Tea Cup by Gemma Morgan

* **Old Fashioned:** One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When shopping for vintage items, try shopping at thrift stores, yard/garage sales, antique stores, and mom & pop warehouses. You’ll find the greatest items at the cheapest prices.
* **Decoration Ideas: **For centerpieces, guest sign-in tables, and general decorations, try looking for old vases, china tea cups, leather suitcases, old picture frames, and anything that speaks of aged, classy elegance.
* **Maximized Disorganization:** Here’s where the fun begins! With a vintage styled wedding, you don’t have to worry about organized perfection. Try using different (but coordinated) centerpieces at each table. Give your reception area a touch of organized disorganization!
* **Materials:** For your reception tables, try lace and doilies! A friend of mine sewed several different doily pieces together and used them as table runners. This created one of the most beautiful effects I’ve ever seen.
* **True Vintage:** Give off an “antique impression” first hand by sending off vintage-styled wedding invitations. For example, you could go for old fashioned card stock that’s been tea-stained and a font that is reminiscent of 1920’s handwriting.
For a true vintage wedding, go for soft, old, and lacey! Give your wedding the
perfect touch with a few gorgeous antique items!

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