Wearing Multiple Wedding Gowns: An “I Do” or an “I Don’t”?

It is becoming increasingly more common place for brides to have several wardrobe changes at their weddings.

With celebrity brides like Kim Kardashian, Carrie Underwood, Princess Kate and Nicole Richie pioneering this trend, I have explored some of the pros and cons of incorporating multiple gowns into your Big Day…

I Do:

  • Your family has a wedding dress that your grandmother, mother, sister, etc. all wore, and it’s a tradition. You can choose to wear the sentimental gown to the ceremony and then change into a gown of your choosing for the reception.
  • Your ceremony site is more on the traditional side so you want a dress that will be venue-appropriate, however you would love to take more of a fashion risk at your reception.
  • You can’t decide! There are so many amazing dress styles, fabrics, lengths, etc. to choose from, how could you possibly choose just one?
  • You can’t dance in your ceremony gown.

I Don’t:

  • It can be expensive! Imagine experiencing sticker shock multiple times!
  • Time to mingle with friends and family will already be hard to come by, incorporating wardrobe changes into your schedule will only chip away at that.
  • You’ve found THE dress of your dreams, one that you will want to let every last guest get an up close and personal look at!
  • How often do you get the opportunity to be the belle of the ball and prance around like a fairytale princess?

Plunge Project Readers: Do you plan to wear multiple gowns at your wedding?

{Image from People.}

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