Wedding on a Budget: Decoration Do’s

Yep, I know. It’s a headache, hassle, and downright expensive to find the
perfect decorations for your wedding. You’ve gone on Pinterest and found
e_xactly_ what you want, only to find out it costs more than an arm and a leg
to have those perfect centerpieces and breath taking decorations. Not to
worry, you’re not alone! You can have your “Pinterest-Perfect” wedding without
spending ¾ of your wedding budget money. With a few tips and tricks, you’d be
surprised at how easy it really is to decorate your wedding to perfection!

Wedding Table Decorations by Damien Du Tolt

**Tips:** We all want to have a wedding that’s unforgettable and becomes fellow Pinners inspiration for their wedding. Fortunately, by following a few budget-friendly ideas, your wedding can be inspirational _and_ practical!

* **Bold, Bright, Beautiful!** With bold colors, they become obvious statements, meaning you won’t have to use as many decorations. By having bold, bright colors as your accenting pieces, you can cut down on the amount of decorations needed. Bold is best!
* **Mom n’ Pops:** I absolutely _love_ going to Mom & Pop stores, “thrifting”, and going garage sale shopping. The saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is true! You can find so much for a fraction of the cost!
* **No-Go on the Flowers:** Believe me, we all love flowers, but hate the price tag. Instead of stocking up on bouquets for centerpieces, try filling vases or jars with stones or marbles, water, floating candles or twigs, and candelabras. You’ll save a shiny, pretty penny by forgoing the flower centerpieces.
* **Outside Reception:** By having an outside reception, you can really vamp up nature’s exquisite beauty. Naturally, when you’re outside, you want to let nature do the talking. By having your reception and wedding outside, you won’t need as many decorations to spruce things up. Let nature have center stage!
* **Linens N’ Things:** If your reception is at a golf & country club, church, or restaurant, ask to use their linens instead of renting your caterer’s or buying your own. Crisp, white linens are perfect for simplicity and elegance.
You’d be surprised at how much you can really save by forgoing on the supposed
“must-haves” of wedding decorations. By forgoing flowers, going garage sale
shopping, and using your restaurant’s linens, you can really save a lot of
money. Having a Pinterest-Perfect wedding doesn’t have to put you in debt – in
fact, by having a gorgeous wedding on a budget, your fellow Pinners will love
you for it!

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