Wedding on a Budget: DIY Ideas

DIY seems to be the newest and greatest “must-do” today – and for good reason! With DIY projects, you’d be surprised at how much money you can save. You don’t have to have name brand products, designer decorations, or crystal glasses dipped in 14 karat gold to have the perfect wedding. By doing a few DIY projects, you can save a bushel and a bundle on your wedding costs! **Tips:** There’s a lot you can do with DIY. Of course, not everything is DIY doable, but a majority of things are! By following a few of these DIY tips and tricks, you can keep your wedding budget under control and right where you want it – under the budget and inexpensive!

* **DIY Party Date:** Set a date and make it fun! Invite a few friends and family members over to help you with DIY projects. This will make everything a whole lot easier as well as more productive. Plus, who doesn’t like crafts, food, and fun!
* **Flower Arrangements:** I cannot begin to tell you how much I saved by asking my (amazing) Grandpa to do my wedding flower arrangements. My Grandpa has a knack for flower arrangements (plus he has a lot of experience), so I was able to save quite a bit of money. If you have talented family members, ask them to help!
* **DIY Favors: **Favors are _expensive_, and to be honest, not everyone takes home your fabulously gorgeous and overpriced favors. If you really want them, than try DIY. Some ideas include:
* Jars of honey or preservatives/jam
* Jars filled with homemade chocolate chip cookie ingredients
* CD’s of you and your new spouse’s favorite music
* **Paperie: **Get creative and save money on all your paperie necessities! For example:
* **Invitations:** Design and print your own invitation – it’s much cheaper than having someone do it for you. I did this, and it worked out perfectly!
* **Place Cards:** Same as the invitations. Create your own, than take it to some place like Office Depot or Staples to have them print it for you.
* **Signs n’ Such:** For those having an outdoor wedding, signs to point your guests in the right direction is both helpful and creative.This also adds a chic, classy, rustic feel to your wedding.

Wedding Signs by Donovan Bee son

There are tons of DIY ideas; so many, in fact, that I simply couldn’t fit all of the ideas in one blog! DIY is definitely the greatest idea for saving money on your wedding, so if you’re crafty, DIY it up!

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