Wedding on a Budget: Drinks, Drinks, and more Drinks!

Let’s be honest, we all get a little excited when we see that open bar at our friend’s wedding, or that delicious selection of wines available for us to choose from. As much as we love to have a nice drink at a wedding, we all know that the outrageous bill almost isn’t worth it. If you’re adamant about having alcoholic beverages at your wedding, here’s a few simple ways to avoid the big bill! **Tips:** When we think of alcohol at a wedding, we think of an open bar and tons of choices. Well, for a wedding on a budget, an open bar is pretty much out of the question. But don’t sweat! You can still serve delicious beverages at your wedding, but at half the price! Here’s how:

* **Be Selective:** Instead of having every drink option imaginable, opt for a smaller selection. For example:
* **Beer:** Choose one or two different flavors and have a light and dark option.
* **Wine:** Again, opt for one or two different flavors and have a white and a red selection.
* **Signature:** If you want to spruce it up a bit, you could offer a single signature drink, like a Blueberry Pie, Blushing Berrytini, or Amaretto Hustle. Choose your favorite and serve it up!
**[![Martini by Zach Zupancic](](**

Martini by Zach Zupancic

* **Cheers!** Champagne is delicious, but real champagne can be expensive. Here are a couple alternative options:
* **Toasting Only:** If you really want champagne, and you want to treat your guests, than only offer champagne for toasting.
* **Stingy Savings:** It’s not a bad idea to only have champagne for you and your groom and sparkling grape juice for your guests.
* **BYOB: **Buy your own alcohol – this will save you money in the long run, and if you have any left over, you can always take it back. Just make sure to keep your receipts!
* **Cases/Kegs:** If you decide to only serve beer, get cases or kegs of beer – it’s cheaper than buying individual bottles.
* **Dry Wedding:** If you want to be totally frugal, avoid the booze altogether. Take it from me – you’d be surprised at how much money you save _and_ how much fun you can still have without the alcohol!
Alcohol is e_xpensive_, but if you play your cards right, you can still serve
delicious beverages at a fraction of the cost. Do your research, decide on
what you and your fiancé want, and go for it!

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