Wedding on a Budget: Favorite Favors

Honestly, we all take a look at the favors placed on the tables at our
friend’s wedding and wonder, _what in the world am I going to do with a
bookmark, antique wooden key, or jars of bubble gum?_ Yep, we’ve all been
there. Not to mention, favors can be expensive. If you’re trying to save a few
dollars, a great place to start is with your favors. Here are a few simple
tips for you to consider when shopping for favors. **Tips:** Like I said,
favors can be expensive, especially when you’re buying for 150 guests. Here
are just a few ideas for you to take a gander at!

* **Shop Online: **This is usually what people do when shopping for favors, but try avoiding the overpriced, marked up wedding websites. Usually, you can find the same or similar favors at popular online websites like eBay and Amazon.
* **Craft Day:** For all you crafty folks out there, this should tickle your crafting fingers. Have a craft date with your girlfriends and make it an enjoyable time! Here are a few DIY wedding favors you and your friends can whip together in no time:
* **Granola Mix:** Throw together 3 different types of granola mixes for a variety, and put them in cute little Mason jars. Wrap the jar with ribbon, put a label on it, and call it a day! It’s cute, delicious, and usable!
* **Hot Cocoa/S’mores Mix:** For winter weddings, this is perfect. Your guests are guaranteed to LOVE this wedding favor. Place these in little Mason jars for an added chic touch.

Jars of Cocoa Mix by Jamieanne

* **Jars of Honey/Jam:** If you want to be super nifty, try getting small jars of local honey. Or, for a cheaper route, see if you can get large contains of regular honey and put it in several mini Mason jars. Same goes for the jam.
* **Be Practical: **Like I said, favors are expensive, so make sure you put your money to good use. For example, if you don’t want to do favors per se, you can:
* **Donate:** Donate to your favorite charity in your guest’s name. This will be practical, useful, and helpful for others. There’s no money wasted, and a good cause is supported.
By forgoing the traditional favors, you’d be surprised at how much money you
can save. Jars of cocoa mix or meaningful donations are perfect solutions for
wasted favors and money.

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