Wedding on a Budget: Flower Power!

Sweet smelling roses, soft, creamy white petals, and blossoming lilies fill
the brides trembling hands as she walks down the aisle to her soon-to-be
husband; it’s picturesque, perfect, and exquisite. Flowers bring the whole
picture together, giving a soft, sweet, and finished touch. You want to find
the perfect flowers for your bouquet, but if you’re on a budget, it can be
difficult to find the right ones for the right price. Luckily, there are a few
fabulous tips and tricks you can follow when flower shopping. You don’t have
to spend tons of money on flowers – there are easier ways to go about it!

Bouquets by Shelley Rich

**Tips:** When shopping for flowers, take into consideration the time of year,
types of flowers, and what you’re going to do with them after your trek down
the aisle. Here are just a few simple ideas for you to consider to help you
save a few extra Benjamin’s!

* **In Season:** This is a biggie. If you want to save, look for in-season flowers. Here are a few suggestions:
* **November:** Calla Lillie’s, Iris’s, Peonies, and Roses – just to name a few
* **December:** Poppies, Delphimium’s, Gardenias, and Tulips – a few of many selections
* **Mix n’ Match:** When designing your bouquet arrangements, opt for mixing and matching. You don’t have to have just flowers – throw in a few other non-floral arrangements such as:
* **Berries:** My favorite! Perfect for a winter wedding
* **Twigs**: This adds a rustic-y touch to your bouquet. Another favorite of mine.
* **Pine Cones:** For a winter-y/fall wedding, this is the perfect touch.
* **Daisies & Carnations:** These are fabulous because they’re pretty much in season all year round, and they’re inexpensive. You can put them in your bouquets or use them as centerpieces and decorations. Either way, they’re fabulous flower selections.
* **Pulling Double Duty:** Make your flowers earn their keep by having them pull double duty. Once you and your ladies are done walking down the aisle, place your bouquets in vases at your tables – this gives you a place to put them and a delicate touch to your decorations.
* **Grow Your Own:** This is for the truly nifty, DIY, garden-loving bride. Choose the flower types that you love and will grow well in your area, plant them ahead of time, and then use them for your bouquets. Not only will this save you money, but it will add a personal touch as well.
From in season flowers to growing your own, you can really save a bundle and a
bushel on flowers. Shop around, do your research, and save a few pretty

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