Wedding on a Budget: Wedding Cake 101

As far as food goes, the cake is the focal point. It ties everything together, such as your decorations, wedding theme, and food, so when you’re shopping around for the perfect cake, you want to find something that does it all. Unfortunately, as beautiful as wedding cakes are, they can also be pretty expensive. If you’re looking to save a few dollars on your wedding, starting with your cake, here are a few simple ideas for you to consider! **Tips:** 6 tiers, flowers or chocolate covered fruits descending in a waterfall-like tranquility, and decadent icing pearls lining the bottom of each tier – it’s extravagant, to say the least. Your wedding cake can be as picture-perfect as you’ve always wanted, but without the budget-breaking price tag. Here’s how!

* **Simple vs Elegant:** Simple is just as beautiful as elegant. With simply decorated cakes, you can really give off a modern exquisiteness that shows the perfection of each tier. Think meticulous lines, smooth icing, and perfectly placed ribbons. With highly decorated, exquisite cakes, you run the risk of amping up the cost.

Wedding Cake by Mark Aaron Murnahan

* **Compare Bakeries:** Ah, here’s the best tip of all! Compare prices at all of your local bakeries and stores. Some stores (like Publix) can make you a gorgeous cake that’s cheaper than going to a well-known bakery. Visit all of your local stores, give them an idea of what you want, and compare the prices. You could even get a price at a baking school. Students won’t charge as much as a professional.
* **Tiny Extravagance, Big Sheets:** This is a fantastic way to save a few extra dollars. If your heart’s set on having an elegant, breathtaking cake, then opt for a mini one. Go all out extravagant with your tiny two-tiered cake that you and your spouse cut in to, and then have the servers in the back slice up iced sheet cake. Cake all tastes the same, whether it’s elegant or not!
* **Tiered Cup Cakes:** Cup cakes are the greatest thing since sliced bread. They’re basically like micro-mini cakes! Tiered cup cakes are cheaper than a tiered cake. Remember, compare prices at bakeries and large stores to find the best option.
* **Square vs Round:** Believe it or not, square cakes are usually less expensive because you can feed more people with the same size. For example, if you get a three tiered square cake and a three tiered round cake using the same measurements, you’ll be able to feed more people with the square cake.
From tiered cupcakes to a square cake, you can really cut corners and save a
few dollars. Know what you want, shop around, and save!

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