Wedding Colors for Your Wedding Theme

Although a new year has arrived and new color schemes have come to center stage, the same wedding themes are still as popular as ever. For example, you have a beach theme, vintage theme, rustic country, tea party elegant, and black tie affair, just to name a few. With each theme comes their own color scheme, so here is a list of a few colors that really tie into your wedding motif. **Wedding Themes and Color Schemes:** We’ll go ahead and start off with my absolute favorite wedding theme: rustic country. When you think [rustic country](, you think old wood basking amidst the glorious beauty of soft lace and petite baby’s breath flower arrangements. So, to follow that ideal picture of rustic country, here are a few ideas:

* White, and lots of it. Variations of white are gorgeous – crème’s and brilliant whites are fantastic.
* Variations of brown as well, such as a deep mahogany brown, a lighter brown (think old pallet board brown), soft beige and maybe even a burnt orange.
* Green –think, earthy. You want as natural, earthy, and rustic as possible. For example, hunter green, a softer leaf green, and a paler green. You don’t want any pastel colors as those are more vintage. Remember – natural is key.
[Beach theme]( is probably one of
the most popular themes most people go for when planning a wedding, and for
fabulous reasons. For the most part, it’s a little less expensive, it’s fun,
and the backdrop is simply superb. Here are a few beach-y colors for you to

* Navy blue, especially if you’re going nautical.
* Crisp white – think brilliantly pure, crisp and clean.
* Lighter blue, like the ocean surrounding you

Vintage Bride by Tracie Howe

A [vintage themed]( wedding is probably one of the most elegant, sophisticated _and_ rustic themes that you’ll come across. It’s a fantastic mixture of posh elegance and raw beauty. Here are a few colors to add to your color palette:

* Think Spring – all light colors, especially pastels. The wispier, the better. For example:
* Blush pink
* Crème and a little bit of true white
* Soft greens (here’s where pastels come into play)
* Soft grey, maybe even with a blue-ish tint.
* Brown, but nothing too harsh or too deep.
When you think [black tie affair](
affair), you automatically think ball gowns and bow ties, Prada and Dior, and
of course Chanel and Gucci. Here is a color palette that matches well with the
expensive appeal of a Black Tie wedding:

* Rich black, of course. You want everything that’s black to have a sheen, making it more luxurious, rich, and elegant.
* White, and only the purest of whites. White and black are the most complimentary colors on the palette, especially if paired with the right decorating accessories.
* Red – think deep, romantic reds like Rosso Corsa, Crimson, Venetian Red, and Lust.
For each wedding theme, you want to have the appropriate color scheme. Match
your colors with the right accessories and pieces to really pull off the look.
Whether you’re going with rich sophistication or breezy and beachy, the colors
you choose will really make the look complete.

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