{Wedding Crafting with Cricut} DIY Paper Flowers (+ a Cricut Coupon Code)

Since I’ve been busy crafting away with my Cricut, I’ve also been searching around the internet (mainly Pinterest of course) to gather some inspiration. So when I came across the image below over on the [Cricut blog](http://cricutblog.org/?p=2092), I knew I needed to not only figure out how to make these gorgeous paper flower, but also that I would need to share it with you as part of this series.

**Amazing, right?** So I didn’t go as far as Cecily and her family _(did you know they made 8 bouquets, 25 corsages, 14 boutonnieres, 20 pew bows, 25 table decorations and 1 large church floral arrangement?!)_, but I did test out paper flower making with my Cricut enough to create a couple of these cute little flowers…

### You’ll need:
* [Cricut Craft Room Free Online Design Tool](http://www.cricut.com/craftroom/default.html)
* [Cricut Essentials Cartridge](http://main.cricut.com/shopping/detail–Cricut-Essentialsnbsp;–Digital-0-1841.aspx)
* Cardstock of choice
* Adhesive of choice (I used a dot glue runner)
* Thin floral wire
* Pearl or other bead for center
* Needle

### To create this project:

1. Use Cricut Craft Room to create and lay out your flower petals. Choose one flower type from the Cricut Essentials cartridge, and place multiple sizes of that petal on your mat. Since I made a fairly large flower, I started with a 3″ set of petals and when down by 1/4″ until I filled the mat. I didn’t end of using all the smaller petals, but it was nice to have a variety of sizes so I could experiment.

2. Cut your design, and peel all the petal sets off the mat.
3. Stack sets of petals on top of each other, gluing each piece to the one below it and arranging as they look best.

4. Once all petals are stacked and glued, use your needle to poke a hole through the center of your flower. You might need to wiggle the needle around a bit to widen the hole so your wire fits through.
5. Thread your floral wire through the bead or pearl you’re using as the center of the flower.

6. Thread the wire through the hole.
7. Once the flower is assembled, gently bend your petals up to give it a 3D look.

**What do you think?** Once you have the general idea down, it’s easy to
experiment with different papers, different colors, different petals, you get
the idea! The opportunities are really endless!

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### Circut Coupon Code

If you haven’t purchased your own Cricut yet or you need to stock up on new cartridges and other accessories, here’s a coupon code you might be interested in using! Use the code “_PlungeFree_” for free US shipping on [Cricut products](http://main.cricut.com/shopping/ProductLanding.aspx) now through March 1! _Disclosure: Provo Craft provided products free of charge in exchange for this series._

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