{Wedding Crafting with Cricut} Vinyl NameMonogram Sign

The Wedding Crafting with Cricut series is already off to a great start, and the first post in the series about [cut-out number save the dates](http://theplungeproject.com/cricut-cut-out-number-save-the-dates) received some great reviews. That being said, it’s time to share project no. 2: the vinyl name/monogram sign!

I actually created this one for my mom and her new husband, who married last month. Not only does it work as great reception decor; it also will look lovely in your home for years to come. Don’t you just love wedding decor that you can re-use?

### To create this project, you’ll need:

* [Cricut Craft Room Free Online Design Tool](http://www.cricut.com/craftroom/default.html)
* Desired font cartridge (I used [Storybook](http://main.cricut.com/shopping/detail-department-Cricut-Storybook-Cartridge-0-189.aspx))
* Large photo frame (mine was 12×16)
* 2 panes of glass (I purchased 2 frames to grab the extra glass, but you can probably buy an extra piece separately.)
* [Wall vinyl](http://main.cricut.com/shopping/products-Vinyl-265.aspx) in desired colors
* [Transfer tape](http://main.cricut.com/shopping/detail-Cricut-Supplies-Vinyl-Cricut-Vinyl-Transfer-Tape-265-188.aspx)

### To create this project:

1. Use Cricut Craft Room to create and lay out your design. Be sure to use multiple mat layers (as shown below) to account for different vinyl colors or the size of your Cricut mat. If your mat is only 12×12, you’ll likely need to design the art on the larger mat, then move pieces around on your different mat layers when it’s actually time to cut each layer. Can’t figure out how to split the letter? [Click here to download my Craft Room file.](http://theplungeproject.com/images/WeddingSign.ccr_.zip)

2. Load up your mat with your vinyl color of choice and cut each layer. For me, the settings that worked best were blade depth – 3, speed – 3, pressure – 2. (This will give you a “kiss cut” and not cut through the backing of the vinyl.)
3. When everything’s cut, peel off the excess vinyl from your mat(s), leaving only the design. You may need to place the design in stages as opposed to doing it all at once. I placed each of my layers separately.
4. Apply the vinyl transfer tape to your art to grab it off the mat.

5. Peel off the backing, leaving just the design on the transfer tape. Place your vinyl design on your first piece of glass (make sure to clean the glass first), smoothing out any bubbles.
6. When the whole design is in place, add your second piece of glass over top of the finished design. The vinyl will now be safe and sound in the middle of the two panes. This is not 100% necessary. However, I liked the look better this way.
7. Pop the glass into your frame, and ta da! You now have a beautiful piece of reception and home decor!

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5. Fifth post TBD
_Disclosure: Provo Craft provided products free of charge in exchange for this series._

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