{Wedding DIY} Pomander Ball Centerpiece

Many brides are opting to design their own wedding flowers or enlist the assistance of friends and family to get the job done. One hurdle is getting the flowers to fit your theme. If you have specific colors or flowers in mind, it is likely you will not find what you need at the grocery store or super stores. Did you know you could order bunches or buckets of loose flowers from a florist and still save money? Florists can custom order any available set of flowers for your event. They will arrive on a specific day to allow the proper time for conditioning, hydrating and cooling, so they are ready to be designed in time for your big day. One easy DIY arrangement is a pomander ball, which comes in many sizes and can be used for pew or arch decorations and centerpieces, as well as for flower girls or bridesmaids to carry. Below are step-by-step instructions from [North Raleigh Florist](http://www.northraleighflorist.com) on how to make a DIY pomander ball.

## Materials

* 5”-6” round Oasis ball
* 15-25 roses (dependent on size) left out overnight to open
* 2-3 hydrangea (dependent on size)
* 2-3 delphinium stems
* Vase
* Jewel strand
* Jeweled pins
* Ribbon
* Pick
* Wire
* Clippers or floral knife
* Scissors

## How to Create Your DIY Pomander Ball Centerpiece

### Step 1

Soak the Oasis ball in water for 15 minutes to allow for full saturation to
provide a water source for the flowers.

### Step 2

While the Oasis ball is soaking, wrap ribbon around the vase in the design
style of your choice. A French knot is pictured.

### Step 3 (optional)

If you didn’t leave your roses out in room temperature to open overnight, or
you are working with a small bloomed variety, you might want to peel the
petals back. This is done by gently folding back the outer petals of the rose
as pictured.

### Step 4

Cut all roses to about 1”-1.5” long. Pull off individual delphinium blooms and
separate hydrangea pieces.

### Step 5

Evenly distribute the roses around the Oasis ball, inserting them by pushing
until the roses are flush with the ball. This will help you keep the round
shape. Fill in between roses with pieces of hydrangea and delphinium blooms.

### Step 6

****Wrap wire around stick and attach string of jewels, then insert the pick into what will be the bottom of your ball. ![diy-pomander-ball-centerpiece-8](http://theplungeproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/diy-pomander-ball-centerpiece-8-590×195.png)

### Step 7

Place your ball on top of the vase with the strand of jewels dangling into the
vase. Insert the jewel pins into the center of each rose and evenly around the
rest of the ball, and your centerpiece is done!

Always remember to keep fresh flowers in the coolest place possible (above 34 degrees). If you do not have proper conditions, the later these can be assembled, the better. Water can be added if needed, but always water pomanders over a sink and pour the water directly onto the wet foam. Putting flowers in a refrigerator with food is not recommended. Venues sometimes have a packaged food cooler that can work as long as the food is wrapped and sealed to avoid emitting harmful gases which can cause flowers to brown.

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