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When a bride begins to put the personal touches on her wedding day, she often turns to magazines and the internet. The research process can be a blessing and a curse, because the abundance of ideas can be incredibly inspiring and downright overwhelming. Most brides-to-be have stressed at some point over what to send home with their beloved guests. I’m going to share some big Do’s and definite Don’ts to keep you on the right track when it comes to wedding favors.

Favors by brianna.lehman

Do: Fill a pretty box or bag with miniature cookies or another edible snack. The key here is to leave your guests with something that looks appealing and, most importantly, tastes great. The chances of traditional favors being used is slim to none, but (yummy) food items are always a big hit. I once went to a wedding where tiny boxes with mini cupcakes graced each place setting. That was the best cupcake I’ve ever had! People remember good experiences… and good food! Don’t: Skip the mass-produced, personalized cookies with a monogram or a picture of you with your groom (unless you are able to sample one first and you fall in love with the flavor). None of your guests will care if they’re cute if they taste like cardboard. Remember: Taste always wins! Do: If you go personal, go with something your guests will actually use. If you’ve planned your reception to be a party atmosphere, personalized shot glasses may be appropriate. A beach themed wedding lends itself to parasols and flip-flops. Don’t: While it is important that your guests’ favors match your vision and theme, it’s also vital to consider if they will actually use them after your special day. Those shot glasses I mentioned above? They may not be the best choice if the majority of your guests tend to celebrate with sparkling cider. And while parasols make for pretty decor, what percentage of the people at your wedding will actually make use of them? Keeping these things in mind will ensure that your friends and family are happy with their gifts (and you’re not stuck with forty unneeded pairs of flip-flops). Do: Going the DIY route is fun and cost-effective, and kits give your guests something to look forward to long after the party’s over. Assembling tea with personalized tags and honey sticks shows your loved ones that you put a lot of thought into their favors. Another sweet idea is filling a cone-shaped bag with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. These do-it-yourself ideas say “personally chic,” not “cheap.” Don’t: DIY projects are often seasonal, so keep the time of year in mind when planning. Hot cocoa may sound delicious if you are assembling your favors in December, but if your wedding isn’t until June, your guests may not fully appreciate the sentiment.

Cupcake Favors by Jara

Extravagant gifts don’t need to be built into your wedding budget to make a good impression. You can make your guests feel extra-special with something thoughtfully simple.

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