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**Wedding inspiration Chalkboard tips**

We all remember the infamous chalkboards our teachers used in our school days. Everything we’ve ever learned about prepositional phrases and quadratic equations was likely first shown to us on a blackboard. These days, anything can be converted into a chalkboard for just about any purpose! The best news? Your wedding can be completely personalized with some incredibly simple DIY projects. Get ready to be inspired for your wedding inspiration chalkboard…

Here Comes the Bride by Selbe Lynn

Skip the Paper: Providing your guests with a program is important. Most people appreciate knowing what’s coming up, but a paper program is not your only option. Find a frame that fits your wedding decor, and spray the glass with chalkboard paint. Simply write your wedding agenda on the board to keep guests in the know. This will save you printing costs, and your friends and family won’t feel guilty for pitching a paper copy. This is also a perfect way to display your menu!

Menu by Selbe Lynn

The Mini Version: You can construct personalized table numbers by creating mini versions of the DIY project above. Just purchase square photo frames and use chalkboard paint. You can simply specify table numbers or customize the frames with a quote or your wedding date. The possibilities for this project are endless.

Blackboard Wedding Table Number by Gemma Morgan

Spice it Up: Baskets or buckets can be spruced up by adding small chalkboards as labels for your wedding favors, card basket, etc. Give them a little extra pizzazz by adding raffia, flowers, or another embellishment. Small touches make the biggest difference.

Card Box by clownsrscary

Beyond Basic: If you want to go beyond the basic blackboard, consider using chalkboard paint on jars or buckets to make a statement. You can really liven up your decorations, including centerpieces, by adding this element of surprise.

Blackboard Theme by Gemma Morgan

Chalkboards are useful in the classroom, but we’d argue that they’re much more fun at weddings! Using these easy DIY tips will make your wedding day extra special. It won’t take a lot of time or effort, and your guests will chalk it up to your amazing creativity!

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