Your Wedding Registry: Bathroom Needs

We’ve taken a look at what we need for both the living room and the kitchen,
so now we will go ahead and take a look at what all you need for the bathroom.
Your bathroom may be a relatively small space, but you’d be surprised at what
all you need just to get started. From little things to big things, cleaning
items to storage units, your bathroom will need a collection of different
pieces. So, to help you out a little bit, here is a list of a few things you
may want to add to your registry!

Bathroom by Owen Rudge

**Things to Add:** For the bathroom part of your registry, you’re looking at a lot of smaller items; unlike the kitchen which is chalk full of larger tools and gadgets, the bathroom is mostly comprised of your little ticket items. To get you started, here’s a list for you to consider:

* Bathroom Set: This bathroom set includes your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, soap bar dish, and sometimes even a garbage pail. Finding a matching set will be relatively easy – Bed Bath & Beyond is probably one of the best places to go for all of your bathroom needs.
* Towels: You can never have too many towels. When it comes to towels, and if it’s just the two of you, register for 3-4 towels in 2-3 different colors – so basically, you’ll want to register for about 6-12 towels. When you have guests or family members stay the night, you want to make sure that you have enough to go around. Also, when you register for towels, register for the matching set of hand towels and was wash rags.
* Shower Curtain: You’ll want to register not only for the outer curtain that everyone sees (the fancy, pretty one) but you’ll also want to register for the waterproof inside curtain as well. There are two types of water proof curtains – plastic and fabric.
* Double Glide Shower Hooks (to keep your shower curtain on the rail)
* Shower Caddy: My favorite shower caddies are the ones that hang from the shower head. You can put a lot in them without worrying about the suction coming undone and a torrential downpour of shampoo bottles, wash rags, and razors falling on top of you.
* Mats: You can register for just a bath mat or bath, sink, and toilet mats as well. Depending on how big your bathroom is will determine how many mats you need. You don’t want too many mats because you don’t want to crowd the space.
* Baskets: If you’re anything like me, than you love to have baskets for organization. Little baskets placed on shelves or racks will help keep all your toiletries where they belong without cluttering up your counter space or taking up room under the sink.
* Towel Rack
* Toilet Paper Holder: This isn’t something you necessarily have to register for, but it’s an option!
Now that we have a generalized list of what all you can put on your wedding
registry, it should be getting a little easier determining what all you really
need! From shower caddies to tons of towels, with this generalized list, your
bathroom will be well stocked!

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