Your Wedding Registry: Living Room Essentials

This is the fun part of your registry; this is where most of your “wants” come
into play as you personalize your house to make it your home. Your
personality, your preferences, and your tastes all come together to make your
house into the perfect little home for you and your new husband, so have fun
with this part of the registry! Here are a few great basic essentials you can

Desk Lamp by TF28

**Things to Add:** Think comfy, cozy, decorative,
fun, and necessary. When people walk into your living room, it’s testament to
your decorating style and preferences, so have a theme in mind and go for
items that match! Here are a few ideas:

* Pillows: Have a few different sizes, colors, and shapes of pillows to really amp up your living room style and give your couch/couches or chairs a little pizazz. A few plush pillows placed on your furniture really gives it a cozy, homey feel.
* Throws: Shags and big, comfy throws really give your living room that “come chill in here” feel. Add 2, maybe 3, throws onto your registry for variety. Honestly, there’s no such thing as too many blankets!
* Rugs: This is a pricier item, but if you have all wood floors and you want to break up the monotony, this is a great way to do it.
* Tables: Add 2 side tables to your registry as an option – it’s a pricier item as well, so it may be something you and your spouse have to purchase, but at least it gives your guests the option as a possible purchase.
* Lamps: You need lamps in your home, so register for 1-2 tall lamps and 1-2 table lamps. Try to stick with the same exact style so there’s not too much going on in your living room style wise. If you have a desk, you could even throw a desk lamp onto your registry as well.
* Decoration: This is a longer list of stuff you could add. Here are some ideas:
* Picture frames (have a variety)
* A couple of your favorite prints (be reasonable in the price department…)
* Coasters
* Wall mirrors
* Cleaning Essentials: This one encompasses your whole home, but it goes well under your living room essentials. Here are a couple ideas:
* Vacuum
* Mopping system
* TV: This is definitely a pricier item and one most likely you and your spouse or a family member will end up purchasing. But hey, it’s still a great item to throw onto your registry!
* Window Treatments: This includes your curtains, blinds (if needed) and any other window treatments you may want or need.
Now that we have a few items on your registry for your living room, your registry is starting to bring your home together! Tips: register for items that you need, and make sure you have a few of the same items, such as lamps, pillows, and throws. Have fun with this portion of your registry! This is testament to your personal taste so go all out and enjoy the results! Your guests will have fun purchasing these items too!

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