Your Wedding Registry: The Office

If you have an office, or extra room that you want to turn into an office, than registering for your office is another good idea! With your office, there are a few items that you could add, giving your guests more of an option to choose from. There aren’t a whole lot of items you can register for when it comes to the office, but there are a few things you could add! Here are just a couple ideas for you to consider! Another area for you to consider for your registry is your porch; any outdoor patio furniture or items would be great to add to your registry! So along with your office items, here are a few great patio accessories you should add to your wedding registry. **The Office Items:** From an office chair to a filing cabinet, there are a few great items you could definitely register for. Here are a few examples:

* Office Chair: Find one that’s both comfortable but also the right size for the room. You don’t want a chair that’s too big and takes up a lot of space, so find a right sized chair that’s comfortable.
* Filing Cabinet: Whether you want the old-school metal filing cabinet or a newer, updated version, you should find one that’s the proper size (enough drawers) and is the right style. There are tons of different ones, so go shopping and find your favorite that’s the most functional.
* Office Accessories: If you want to register for a few things, you could register for a set of really nice pens, a calculator, and a paper weight. These are just three of many items you could register for, so decide what you want and need and go from there.
* Decoration Items: Give your office space some TLC and add a few decorating pieces like pictures, paintings (don’t get too ritzy though!) and maybe a few little desk “statues”.

Patio Furniture by Wicker Paradise

**For The Patio:** If you’re like me, than being outdoors makes you irrevocably happy. If you want to make relaxing outdoors your favorite time of day, than make sure to register for things like:

* Patio Furniture: A table with 4 wicker or wire chairs is perfect for the ultimate comfort! If you want to add a few lounge chairs for even more relaxation, add those to the registry too!
* Patio Chair Cushions: You want to be comfortable, so register for plush, outdoor, washable chair cushions.
* An Umbrella: If your patio isn’t covered, adding a huge umbrella to the registry will keep you, your family, and your guests covered and comfortable.
* A Grilling Set: If your fiance loves to grill, add this to your registry (if you didn’t already purchase this as a gift for him!). You’ll be able to enjoy delicious steaks and shish kabobs for days to come!
Now that we’ve taken a gander at all the rooms and items you could add to your
registry, your wedding registry should be all set! Just a few things to
remember: Add a smorgasbord of items to the registry so your guests can choose
what they want to get you. Also make sure to have a large price range to
ensure that each of your guests can comfortably purchase a gift for you within
their financial means. Also, make sure all your items are practical, fun,
enjoyable, and personal! So, now that you have your registry all together,
enjoy the rest of your wedding to-do’s!

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