Your Wedding Registry: Starting With the Kitchen

When I started my wedding registry, my favorite section was the kitchen. There
were so many cool gadgets and trinkets that I felt like a kid in a candy
store. I wanted it all – all the super cool KitchenAid handy dandy tools, all
the measuring spoons, ice-cream scoopers… You name it, I wanted it. After
filling the scan gun with pretty much every item in the kitchen section, I had
to take a second and think, do I really need that $20 ice-cream scooper or
that $600 knife set? Not really. I’m no gourmet chef or someone who spends
countless hours in the kitchen, so I didn’t need all those super cool kitchen
utensils. That’s where a practical registry guide came in handy. It showed me
all the basic necessities that I needed that still allowed me to have a nifty
kitchen with nifty gadgets. So, for starters, here’s a helpful list of kitchen
items that you may (or may not) need or want! Everyone’s a little bit
different, so pick and choose what’s best for you and add/take away what you
don’t need!

KitchenAid by Nicola

**The List:** We’ll go ahead and start with the big stuff first and work our way down to the itty-bitties. Here are some larger, key kitchen items that you may want to add to your registry:

* KitchenAid mixer (if you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge KitchenAid fanatic…)
* Toaster Oven/toaster (toaster ovens are great for using as mini stoves as well – they’re kind of a dual-purpose item)
* Blender
* Microwave
* Knife set: Here’s where research comes in handy. I have the KitchenAid knife set (surprise, surprise) but depending on your cooking skills and preference, there may be other knife sets that are better for you. Do your research and find out which one will best suit your needs.
* Coffee Pot
* Pots & Pans: They have many great brands – decide on how many pots and pans you need and what brand you may like best.
* Spice rack: This is more of a “want” than a need, but it’s still a great item to add to your registry. Plus, if you love to cook, this really comes in handy.
* Oven Mitts: 2 sets of oven mitts and 2 sets of pot holders is a good number to start with.
* Dish Towels: Have a set of fancy ones and not so fancy.
* Soap Dishes
* Measuring Cups and Spoons
* Spatulas, ladles, and spoons: Go for an array of different types of spoons and spatulas, including different sizes.
* Spatula Holder: If you want to keep all of your spoons and spatulas out on the counter for easy access, than you’ll want to register for one of these. Trust me, this really comes in handy.
* Bowls and plates: From dinnerware to mixing bowls, you want many and you want an assortment, especially for mixing bowls. There are many different types, from glass to plastic, so choose a set that best fits your preference.
* Silverware: You don’t really want to skimp on this, so do your research and choose a higher quality set. You don’t need a huge set if it’s just the two of you, but get a basic, high quality silverware set to get you started.
* Cutting Boards: I have both plastic and wood, and I love them both.
* Cups and Coffee Mugs
* Baking Items: This includes your cookie sheets, your muffin pans, and cake pans.
* Garbage Pail
* Ice Trays (if your fridge doesn’t have an automatic ice-maker).
* Cleaning Utensils: Your dish scrubbers and the like; make sure to have an assortment, that way your guests will have options.
It’s a pretty extensive, yet generalized, list, but hopefully it helps! It’s
important to remember that you need to get an assortment and a few of the same
items such as your spatulas, spoons, and pots and pans. Don’t be afraid to ask
a sales rep for help if you have any questions. Remember, register for items
that you really need, and throw in a few items that you’d really like! Have
fun and enjoy!

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