Your Wedding Registry: Things for your Room

Your wedding registry is starting to look complete now that you’ve started registering for living room, bathroom, and kitchen items. Now that we’ve gotten your registry well on its way, we’ll go ahead and look at some great items to add to your registry for your bedroom! From pillows to picture frames, you’ll have just about everything you need to make your bedroom feel like your safe haven!

Bedroom by Betta Living

**Things for your Bedroom:** Unlike the kitchen or maybe even the living room, you don’t need a whole lot of things. You and your spouse will be bringing in a lot of your own personal bedroom items, so you won’t need all the major things such as dressers and a bed (if you and your spouse are using one of your beds). But, if you want to give your bedroom a fresh appeal (if your pink, fluffy pillows and purple fuzzy bed set won’t work…) than here’s a list of some great items for you to add to your wedding registry! One other thing you’ll want to keep in mind – your bedroom should have a similar, consistent theme. So make sure to pick a theme, whether it’s country chic, vintage, or modern, and make sure to register for similar items that match.

* Rug: If you have hard wood or carpet and/or if you live in a place with a cooler climate, than a plush rug will be a fabulous addition to your room. This is a pricier item, but like I had mentioned before, you’ll want to put a range of items and prices on your registry.
* Pillows: Throw pillows are great for giving your room a face lift, making it look classy, chic, and adult. Get a variety of sizes, colors, and textures to give the bedroom depth and pizazz.
* Bed Set: Take it from me – you can never have too many sheets! Get a variety of colors and textures if you like.
* Comforter: Register for two types of comforters – a thick, plush comforter for the winter season and a thinner quilt for the summer and spring.
* Decorations: If you’re revamping your entire room and going for a different look, than you’ll want to add a few decoration pieces to your wedding registry. For example, you will want to add things like:
* Picture frames
* Inexpensive prints/paintings
* Lamps & lamp shades
* Two bedside tables/nightstands
Your bedroom, as we can see, doesn’t need as many items to make it homey, especially if you and your spouse are bringing your personal belongings from your old rooms. Making it personal, new, and cozy is a lot of fun though, so if you’re looking to totally revamp your style, you will definitely want to add a few of these items to your wedding registry.

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