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When I got engaged, I literally had to start from square one – I needed everything except my personal belongings, my antique dresser, and my three pillows. Starting from square one was a daunting task, so to help those of you who have to start from square one, I’ll be coming up with a list of things you _need._ Let’s be honest, there are a million things we want, but what do you really need in order to make your house a home? For the next few days, we’ll be going over a relatively detailed list, room by room, of essentials that you should put on your registry. **Where to Get Started: **Getting started is sometimes the hardest part. Where do you register? Where’s the best place or places to get everything you need at a decent price? Here is a list of a few stores that I registered at and are great places for you to register at as well!

* Bed, Bath, & Beyond
* Target
* Kohl’s
Those three places are the most popular places to register; almost every town
and city has one of these, and if they don’t your guests can easily go online
to purchase an item for you. Here is a list of less popular, but just as
great, places for you to register at as well:

* Macy’s
* Bloomingdale’s: This is mostly for your wants – a lot of great decoration items are here!
* Williams-Sonoma: This is a great place for making your kitchen a top-notch cooking nook!
* Best Buy: For all of your appliances, Best Buy is a great place to go.
With these stores in mind, also keep in mind that you’ll want to have a
collective selection of items with a range of prices. You don’t want all
expensive items on your registry, because you want to have gifts within a
range of people’s means. With that in mind, here is a list of the rooms you
need to register for! **Your Home and the Rooms Within:** When I got engaged,
I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff I needed. When I walked into Bed, Bath,
& Beyond, I had no clue where to start. Believe me when I tell you
BB&B started to look like a massive maze when I gazed at the rows of
cooking utensils, garbage pails, and light fixtures. So ladies and gents, arm
yourselves with your scanning gun, have your list ready, and let’s get

* **The Kitchen:** Oh my word, talk about utensils! From measuring spoons to a Kitchen-Aid mixer, you’ll need a ton of tools. BB&B is probably the best place to register for all your kitchen needs, as well as Williams-Sonoma.

Ladles from Williams-Sonomaby Heather

* **The Living Room:** If you’re starting from square one like my husband and I did, than you’ll need things like a couch, table and chairs, and so on. You can register for these, or you can go shopping. If you want to save a few dollars, look for your table and chairs at a place like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and places like that. You’ll find great furniture for super cheap.
* **The Bathroom:** You’ll need a toilet plunger (laugh all you want, but this is a necessity!) soap dishes, and so on. BB&B is a great place for all your bathroom necessities.
* **The Bedroom:** This one won’t be as major, because more than likely you and your fiancé will be bringing your own things, like your dressers, maybe even your bed, and comforter set. If you need a comforter set, again, BB&B, or Target are great places for those items.
* **The Office:** If you have an extra bedroom, than you may or may not need things for the office. If you want to keep it organized, than register at Best Buy for office supplies.
Now that we have a list of places to go, and the rooms you’ll need to register
for, you have a general idea of what all you need. For the next five days,
we’ll be going over, in detail, what items you really need!

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