Wedding Traditions: Unity Candles and Love Letter Boxes

It’s the symbolism that matters; it’s uniting two families, two heritages, two generations, two hearts, two souls; two becomes one and love is forever lit and shining in you and your spouse’s lives. The unity candle is a representation of what is and what will be your future together as a married couple. The unity candle (or any other uniting tradition!) is beautiful, sentimental, and personal. There are several different uniting traditions out there, so if you’re looking for something a little more original, more personal, here are just a few ideas!

* **Handfasting:** This is a wonderful tradition and immediately brings me to the movie Braveheart and the scene where William Wallace and Murron secretly get married and wrap their joined hands together with their two pieces of cloth. It’s beautiful, significant, and incredibly romantic! If you’re of Scottish background, than this is a fabulous alternative to a unity candle. After your wedding ceremony, you can use the cloth as decoration, making it a multi-functional and traditional piece of art.
* **Cord of Three Strands:** As it states, you and your spouse braid three strands of rope or cord, signifying a unity of husband, wife, and God. Three strands is stronger than two, and this is an incredibly meaningful Christian tradition. With God as part of your marriage and family, it will be stronger than ever.
* **Love Letter Box:** You and your spouse will write a letter to one another (before the wedding, of course!) and during the ceremony, you and your spouse will put the letters in the box. After the ceremony and the do’s are said, you can put other personal memorabilia in the box as well – such as a bottle of wine, a wedding invitation, and so on. On your fifth (or any year after your first) anniversary, you and your spouse will open the box, read the letters, and enjoy a trip down memory lane!
* **Sand Ceremony:** My husband and I did this uniting tradition, and I loved it. In fact, we still have the jars out as decoration! You and your husband will have separate jars, both having a different colored sand. Once you both poor the sands in the larger jar simultaneously, you’ll have a swirl of color and a jar full of meaning.

Unity Sand by Richard

* **Planting a Tree:** My best friend and her husband performed this wedding ceremony. Plant a tree in a pot, and as the years pass by, you’ll be able to watch the tree grow – just like your love and relationship!
* **Unity Wish Lantern:** This is a neat tradition to perform for evening weddings. Light a candle in the floating lantern and then let it go, allowing the lantern to reach its highest peak and potential, just like your love. This would be fun for you and all of your guests to do together!
The unity candle is a beautiful tradition that is chalk full of meaning. As well as the unity candle, you have several other uniting traditions you can choose from, making your choice unique, fun, and memorable!

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