Wedding Trend Debate: Unplugged or Extra Social?

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It’s no secret that we live in an always-connected world. Anywhere you go, you likely bring your smartphone. It’s not uncommon for a group of people to be out to eat together yet all checking email and posting status updates throughout.

While it used to be considered rude to check your phone in the middle of a conversation, today it’s just the norm. But what about when it comes to weddings?

Brides and grooms are on both sides of fence on this one. Here’s what both sides look like…

Side 1: Weddings Gone Viral

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Vine. The list goes on. We certainly live in a social world, and weddings are no exception anymore! even reported Wedding Paper Divas conducted an online survey in April among adults who had attended at least one wedding in the past year and found that 4 in 10 said social media was encouraged, and specific hashtags were even provided to guests to add their contributions a wedding’s social stream. 7 in 10 reported tweeting while at a wedding, and 50% admitted to sharing wedding photos via Twitter.

Side 2: A Trend Towards Unplugged

On the flip side, 1/3 of wedding guests in the same survey reported that they were asked not to bring electronic devices to the ceremony. Meanwhile, the New York Times reported last month about one wedding where an attendant actually collected wedding attendees’ cell phones at the door (and no, it wasn’t at a celebrity wedding). In this case, it’s about privacy, ensuring guests actually enjoy the ceremony (instead of checking their phones every minute) and letting the bride be the first to post photos of her big day on Facebook.

We’ve all seen it (and maybe even experienced it): someone accidentally congratulates you on your engagement before you’ve made it “Facebook official,” so it’s no wonder some brides are trying to keep a few things under wraps. However, is having a cellphone-free wedding really the answer?

It’s up to you and your beau which side you’re on, but one things for sure: both super-social and unplugged weddings are big trends in 2013!

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