A White Wedding

White is pure, sophisticated, soft, and elegant; it gives the perfect touch to a fairytale wedding. For a winter wedding, white is the best main color to choose – it puts your guests in a winter wonderland, whisking them away to a fairytale world. If you want a white wedding, here are just a few white wedding decoration tips for you to consider! **Tips:** White is beautiful, but you want to make sure you don’t go overboard with accenting colors and decorations. The key is not to overwhelm, but to awe. Here are just a few decoration ideas that will help to give the perfect touch.

* **Accent Colors:** Because white is soft yet brilliant, you want to find an accent color that won’t take away from its ethereal beauty. For example, you’ll want to choose colors such as gold, silver, or any shades of pink. A soft yet elegant color is the best choice.
* **White & Gold:** For a white and gold wedding, you want to make sure you don’t go overboard with the gold – you don’t want it looking gaudy. Just add touches of gold to the centerpieces, chair covers, or flowers.
* **White & Silver:** White and silver are pretty close together in color, so you want to make sure that it doesn’t blend in and become boring. Spruce up your decorations and change up the centerpieces. Don’t have everything matching, but have the silver centerpieces vary in style and design… to a certain extent. Keep it coordinated, yet different enough to jazz it up a bit.
* **Pink & White:** A soft, blush pink would be a gorgeous accenting color. You want to add a touch of pink to the flowers, the tables, and maybe even your bridesmaid dresses. Remember, don’t overdo!

**Don’t Overdo:** With a white wedding, you don’t what to overwhelm your guest’s visual senses. You want to keep it elegant, simple, and stately. Make sure to pick a theme and stick with it. Don’t try to mix and match colors, decorations, and accents. Simple is superb for white weddings. **White Variations:** There are _hundreds_ of different shades of white, so play it up! For example, use a vibrant white and ivory to mix it up. Make sure the whites coordinate well together!

With a white wedding, you can really play up the elegance. Select an accent color and coordinate the decorations. It’s important to remember not to overdo on the accent colors or the decoration pieces. Simplicity is elegance!

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