Will You Be My Maid of Honor?

It’s finally happened! Your happily engaged to the love of your life, and your whole world is about to blissfully change! Now that you’re ecstatically engaged and the planning has begun full-throttle, it’s time to ask your best friend to be your Maid of Honor… but how? You want to ask her in a cute, fun, and memorable way, but you don’t have any ideas. Well, here are just a few creative suggestions for “popping the question” to your Maid of Honor!

* **Message in a bottle:** A message in a bottle is adorable and memorable, giving your best friend a sweet treasure she can relish for years to come. You can write a personal letter or poem to her, telling her why you would be honored to have her standing by your side on your big day.
* **Every girl loves jewelry and a letter!** Send her a sweet note in an envelope with a piece of jewelry inside. The letter can be long and endearing, sending you both down memory lane in an entourage of sweet words and unforgettable times. Or, it can be a short and sweet poem that says everything you want! A pretty heart necklace or an infinity ring are great jewelry options that portray your feelings and gratefulness for her friendship.
* **Flowers for You!** Surprise her with a pretty bouquet of her favorite flowers and a sweet “Will you be my Maid of Honor” note. She’ll love the attention and the gorgeous bouquet… and knowing you put time and effort into the “asking” will make her feel even more special.
* **Pop the Question!** Take your best friend out to a fun dinner date with just the two of you, and then “propose” with a ring pop! Every girl loves candy, and every girl loves jewelry… it’s a twofer! Make it fun and goofy, but sweet and meaningful too!
(On a side note… During the wedding preparations, take the time to spoil
yourself and your Maid of Honor. Go get a spa treatment, splurge on a weekend
getaway, or dine at your favorite restaurant. With all the stressful planning
going on, it’s important to take a breather and just enjoy one another’s sweet
company!) She’s been your best friend through thick and thin, so let her know
how much you appreciate her and couldn’t live without her on your big day!

Laughing by Leanna H.G.

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