Winter Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

A winter wedding is fun, new, exciting, and original – you’re going above and
beyond the norm of a spring wedding and embracing the snowy swirls and chilly
temperature! Since you’re embracing the winter months and hosting your wedding
during Christmas season, make sure you take into consideration a few of these
do’s and don’ts of a Christmas/winter themed wedding! From warm guests and
party to delicious food, a few of these ideas will be a guaranteed success in
keeping everyone cozy, comfy, and happy!

Winter Wedding by Andrey Makarov

**The Do’s of a Winter Wedding:**
Congratulations! You’ve officially stepped out of the box and changed up your
wedding theme a bit! Instead of your usual summery wedding, you’ve gone with a
crisp white wedding! Here are a few tips for you to consider when planning
your winter wedding.

* **Keep Everyone Warm:** As we’ve discussed previously, you’ll want to make sure your guests and wedding party are dressed warm and appropriately, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding. By [supplying blankets, outdoor heaters](, warm drinks, and a fire pit, your guests and wedding party will be able to stay warm and comfortable.
* **Incorporate Christmas:** Since you’re having a winter wedding in December, why not incorporate Christmas? From embracing Christmas-y colors to Christmas food must-haves, you’ll be submerging your guests in a glorious atmosphere of holiday cheer and a jolly good time! Some ideas include:
* **Colors:** Try colors like light, silvery blues, shimmering silver and gold, deep browns, and of course red and green.
* **Décor:** mini Christmas trees, presents as favors, and so on.
* **Music**
* **Food:** Ginger cookies, apple pies, mashed potatoes, and any type of soup.
* **Dress Appropriately:** Again, make sure your wedding party is warm by having them wear long dresses, a faux fur jacket, and maybe even hand muffs.
**The Don’ts of a Winter Wedding:** As we’ve reviewed some of the previously mentioned winter must do’s, we must go over the winter don’ts as well. In order to ensure a perfect winter wedding, try incorporating a few of these ideas.

* **Don’t Fret:** This is probably the biggest guffaw of all tips – every bride frets and worries, but don’t! Fretting does nothing for you, so just sit back, drink a cup of mint hot chocolate, go over your wedding list, and relax! Here are a few things you should not fret over:
* **The Weather:** Let’s be honest – you chose a winter wedding, so freezing temperatures and a snowy afternoon are what you’re going to have to deal with. So don’t get frazzled when the forecast calls for a colder-than-usual afternoon on your wedding day. Embrace the cold weather and incorporate some of the wedding must-have’s we’ve already discussed.
* **Traveling:** If you’re having a winter wedding, it may be a good idea to host your wedding and reception at the same venue so your guests don’t have to brave the white flurry more than once. If you can’t help but to have two venues, hire valets to pick up your guest’s vehicles so the cars will be a little warmer for them when they go to leave.
* **Don’t Keep it Dark**: With winter comes a quicker evening. Make sure you have plenty of lighting, such as candles, a fireplace, and a well-lit room. It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dark too!
Your fairytale wintery wedding will be absolutely perfect, so don’t fret! By
incorporating a few of these ideas and ones previously discussed, you and your
guests will have the time of your lives!

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