A Wintery Wonder: Christmas Wedding

Snowflakes, mistletoe, and hot cocoa make for a whimsical winter, one we’re
all familiar with. What better time to have your wedding than around Christmas
time! Here are a few fabulous tips, decoration ideas, and delicious delicacies
you can choose from!

A Christmas Wedding by Heather Bradley

**Colors:** When you think Christmas, you think red and green. If you want something a little more original, here are just a few color ideas for you to consider!
* **Silver and White**: Silver and white give off a cool feel, surrounding your guests in an aura of snowy wonder.
* **Silver and Burgundy**: The contrast of colors gives off both a cool and warm feel, wrapping your guests in the perfect wintery atmosphere.
* **Gold and Burgundy**: It’s classy, warm, and the perfect winter palette.
* **White and Sky Blue**: Again, another cool and wintery color selection.
* **Gold and Cream**: This is a warm color palette, giving your guests that cozy feeling!

**Decorations:** There are a ton of fabulous Christmas decoration ideas. Here are just a few ideas to consider!
* **Burgundy & White Candles: ** Place lit burgundy and white candles everywhere – on the tables as centerpieces, the guest table, and even the buffet tables.
* **Silver Platters:** Have your dinner dishes displayed on silver platters, and you can even use the platters as centerpieces. Place candles, fake snow, and holly on them for the perfect touch.
* **Christmas Trees:** Various sized Christmas trees placed throughout your reception area will give off the perfect Christmas aura!
* **Christmas Lights:** Hang white Christmas lights on the front of the Bride and Groom table, and on the door entryways.

**Food: **There are so many different food ideas out there that are perfect for a winter wedding! Here are just a couple fantastic selections!
* **Ginger Everything: **Ginger bread, ginger cookies, ginger snaps – these are all delicious and perfect for finger foods!
* **Squash Soup:** Any kind of soup, really, is fantastic. It’s warm, delicious, and filling!
* **All White Wedding Cake:** A white wedding cake with silver decorations will be the “icing on the cake” to your winter wedding theme!
* **Brisket and Gravy:** Brisket and gravy is a classic favorite for a warm winter meal!

**Drinks: **There are many festive alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks out there. Here are just a few delicious ideas!
* **Eggnog: **Have both a virgin and alcoholic selection of eggnog for all ages! For alcoholic eggnog, mix it with spiced rum – my absolute favorite holiday drink!
* **Red and White Wine:** It’s a classic drink selection that appeals to just about everyone!
* **Spiced Apple Cider:** My Grandma makes this every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can find all kinds of recipes online!
* **Hot Cocoa Bar:** Marshmallows and different flavored cocoa powders make for a fantastic cocoa bar!

From spiced apple cider to Christmas tree decorations, you can have the perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding!

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