How to Turn a Cheap Bookshelf Into a Classy Wine Bar

{DIY} How to Turn a Cheap Bookshelf Into a Classy Wine Bar
by: Nicole Denton | filed under: DIY at Home, Home Decor
Last week, I finally got a chance to finish a home DIY project I’ve had sitting half-done in the craft room for pretty much this entire year so far, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about how it came out!

DIY Wine Bar

Ready to hear how I turned a $25 bookshelf and a few other supplies into THIS?

First, I assembled the original bookshelf (which was the cheapest one they had at Walmart) according to instructions, minus the cardboard back. It was pretty clear at this point that the shelf was pretty cheaply made (particularly from looking at the top), so I headed to Lowe’s for a piece of wood that was 1″ wider and 2″ longer than the shelf’s top, as well as a piece of wood trim. I drilled/screwed the new top onto the shelf (on top of the old top) and used wood glue and a few nails to attach the trim to the front to completely cover the old top underneath. From there, I primed and painted the entire thing.

Next, I used Mod Podge to attach a piece of fabric to the shelf’s original cardboard back. Be sure to add a few coats on top for extra protection!

Once everything dried, I screwed a stemware holder (this one on Amazon) to the top shelf and then nailed the newly Mod Podged back onto the shelf. I completed the look with some Dollar Tree baskets and a wine rack (again from Amazon).

All in all, the shelf cost about $60 to create, which is MUCH cheaper than all the $200+ wine racks I’ve found online! Yay DIY!

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